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Track Cycling Club of the Year Competition

Sundrive Track Club win the 2016 Competition
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Neenan Travel are proud sponsors of the annual Track Cycling Club of the Year competition

Clubs who compete in national track cycling events gain points based on their riders podium placing. The club with the highest points at the end of the season wins the prestigious trophy and title “Track Cycling Club of the Year”

This is a unique competition on the Irish cycling calendar because it allows club members of all age groups and categories to contribute to the overall points totals, so the U12 age group can contribute points in the same way as the A1 riders.

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2016 Competition – Counting Events

Junior National Track Championships (Sprint / Pursuit / TT / Scratch
Youth National Track Championships (Sprint / TT / Scratch)
Men’s Team Sprint, Team Pursuit
Men & Women’s Omnium
Women’s Team Sprint
Men & Women’s Keirin
Senior National Track Championships (Sprint / Pursuit / TT/ Scratch)
M40/M50/M60 Championship – (Sprint / Pursuit / TT/ Scratch)

Current points table

Sundrive Track Team65
Lakeside Wheelers28
Scott Orwell26
O'Leary Stone Kanturk25
Powerhouse Sports21
Arcane CT12
Covey Wheelers8
AAA Cycling / UCD7
Bray Wheelers / NDCC6
Caldwell Cycles / Inspired Cycling / Aquablue5
Usher / Smartlamp / Lucan4
East Tyrone / Team iBike / DID Dunboyne / Carrick / Black Rose / Ballymoney / Errigal / SD de Nice / Aerocoach3
Team Madigan / Deeside / Monalty / Starley2
Kilcullen / Cork Giant / Killarney / Navan / Castlebar / NDCC / Swords2

Event results

CompetitionGold (3pts)Silver (2pts)Bronze (1pt)
Senior Men's OmniumDunboyneACTKilcullen
 Women's OmniumIBikeSundriveSundrive
U12 Girls SprintLakesideNorth DownSundrive
U12 Girls100m LakesideNorth DownSundrive
U12 Girls ScratchLakesideNorth DownSundrive
U12 Boys SprintPhoenixAAA CyclingKanturk
U12 Boys 100m KanturkAAA CyclingSundrive
U12 Boys ScratchPhoenixAAA CyclingKanturk
U14 Girls SprintLakesidePowerhouseUnattached
U14 Girls 250m TTLakesideUnattachedPowerhouse
U14 Girls ScratchLakesideDeesideKillarney
U14 Boys SprintKanturkBrayMadigan
U14 Boys 250m TTPhoenixKanturkMadigan
U14 Boys ScratchKanturkKanturkPhoenix
U16 Girls SprintOrwellCaldwellCovey
U16 Girls 500m TTOrwellCaldwellAAA cycling
U16 Girls ScratchCoveyOrwellCaldwell
U16 Boys SprintBallymoneyMonaltyLakeside
U16 Boys 500m TTLakesideErrigalNavan
U16 Boys ScratchBlack RoseKanturkErrigal
Junior Women SprintPowerhouseCoveyLakeside
Junior Women 500m PowerhouseLakesideCovey
Junior Women PursuitPowerhouseLakesideCovey
Junior Women ScratchPowerhouseNRPTLakeside
Junior Men SprintEast TyronePowerhouseNRPT
Junior Men KiloNRPTCarrickPowerhouse
Junior Men Pursuit PowerhouseNRPTCarrick
Junior Men ScratchNRPTNRPTCork Giant
Womens Team SprintSundriveOrwellSundrive
Women's KeirinSundriveSundriveOrwell
Men's Team SprintSundriveSundriveArcane
Men's Team PursuitUCDSundriveCastlebar
Men's KeirinSundriveSundriveArcane
Senior Women SprintSundriveStarleyBray
Senior Women 500m SundriveSundriveBray
Senior Women PursuitAerocoachSundriveSundrive
Senior Women ScratchOrwellSundriveSundrive
Senior Men SprintSundriveArcaneSundrive
Senior Men Kilo TTSundriveSundriveUCD
Senior Men PursuitArcaneUCDUCD
Senior Men ScratchSD de NiceArcaneSundrive
M40 C/ship SprintUlster AnattLucanBray
M40 C/ship PursuitAquablueSundriveSwords
M40 C/ship 750mUlster UnattLucanArcane
M40 C/ship ScrMunster UnattAquablueUlster Unatt
M50 C/ship SprintSmartlampBrayOrwell
M50 C/ship PursuitOrwellInspired CycleOrwell
M50 C/ship 500mOrwellOrwellNDCC
M50 C/ship ScrInspired CycleOrwellSmartlamp
M60 C/ship SprintSundriveUsherArcane
M60 C/ship PursuitKanturkSundriveSundrive
M60 C/ship 500mKanturkSundriveUsher
M60 C/ship ScrSundriveKanturkUsher

Activity Levels

Activity Levels range from Leisurely to Tough, the grading takes into account the daily cycling distances and terrain, as well as any technical riding skill required. We also consider the number of cycling days as there can be a cumulative affect from tiredness on a longer trip and the type of accommodation used, as this can also influence your day to day recovery.

If you are in any doubt, please give us a call on +353-1-607 9900 or email us.

Activity level 1 - Leisurely Activity level 1: Leisurely

If you can ride a bike and enjoy gentle exercise, these are an ideal introduction to a cycling holiday. No routes are entirely flat, so expect some short climbs and descents. Maximum daily height gain is approximately 250 metres and daily distances rarely exceed 50kms (32 miles), any longer days are often optional.

Activity level 3 - Moderate Activity level 3: Moderate

Most people who enjoy a weekend riding at home will enjoy a Moderate trip. You need to be in good health and reasonably fit. Ideal for occasional cyclists, or as a more relaxed trip for fitter riders. Moderate off-road trips require no previous experience. Distances rarely exceed 70kms (43 miles) per day.

Activity level 5 - Challenging Activity level 5: Challenging

For any ride at this level, fitness is important. Challenging trips require confidence in your ability and physical condition. They are equivalent to an extended period of cycling at home. Previous mountain biking experience is essential for Challenging off road trips as they will involve some technical riding.

Activity level 7 - Tough Activity level 7: Tough

Previous experience of the cycling style or surface is a must as these routes have long cycling days and tougher terrain on both road and off road trips. You need complete confidence in your fitness and technical ability to cope with difficult or steep terrain, rough surfaces and longer distances. Ideal for those seeking a challenge!

Split grades

In order to provide more accuracy, where a trip falls between two grades we use an intermediate or ‘split’ grade, for example 2: Leisurely/Moderate.